The King of Fighters XI: Playstation2 Practice Mode

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The practice mode of the Playstation2-version of King of Fighters XI has a few peculiarities and bugs that should be taken note of.

Record / Play Instructions


It is necessary to have a second pad or stick to use the record / play feature.

1. While in Practice mode, push Start to open the practice menu
2. Set "CONTROL" to "PLAYER"
3. Put the cursor onto "COMMAND"
4. Let Player 2 push "X" (or circle in the japanese version) to open the "COMMAND" menu for Player 2


This assumes the steps above have been performed and Player 2 is now recording

1.Put cursor onto "RECORD" & push X
2. The Menu now closes. Push "SELECT" to start recording
3. If you are done recording, push "START", otherwise push "SELECT" again to reset the recording
5. Put cursor onto "EXIT" & push X
6. confirm "COMMAND CHANGE?"


1. Bind the function "COMMAND" onto the pad / stick of player 2 (in the button config)
2. Push the button that was assigned COMMAND to to trigger playback of the recording (Note: it is necessary to do this in player 2's controller, not player 1!)


Recording quick attacks or supers:

It makes sense to record a jump at the beginning of a longer set of inputs to give yourself some time to switch to player 1's controller after you pushed "COMMAND" on player 2's controller.

Recording front ukemi

1. Put player 1's character into their corner
2. Assign a shortcut button to player 2's "A+B"
3. enter Recording mode with Player 2, as usual
4. During recording, first record a short pause (to allow player 1 to start their combo later when you playback), then hold forward and mash the A+B shortcut

Counter Hit Bugs

The "COUNTER HIT" function in practice mode isn't working properly. The actual time to connect attacks after a real counter hit is 8F longer than in practice mode. This can easily be tested with K': j.E (counter hit) >23236P is normally a combo, but not when using the "COUNTER HIT: ON" option in practice mode. It might therefore be necessary to record a counter hit scenario by hand when trying combos that would barely connect. For more information, see here.

Ukemi Bugs

Sometimes the AI does not use ukemi even though the recovery option was set to "DOWN". This can eg. be observed when doing several activation supers with ASH (A,B,C,D) in a row - after the first one, the AI will sometimes simply not use ukemi.